Owner/Instructor Trainer

307 Marine Ave. Suite 1 Balboa Island,

Newport Beach 92662 CA

Executive Profile

Gerda is an elite, nationaly recognized track and field athlete who competed professionally for the

Albanian National Team from 1978–1991.

Gerda is a formaly trained graduate of the Sports Academy in Tiran-Albania.

Gerda competed in international competitions throughout the Balkan States and much of Europe.

Gerda’s specialty is the 400m and 400m hurdles but during her career she broke 8 Albanian national records in

various disciplines, and still holds the record for the fastest time in the 300m hurdles.

Gerda moved to Istanbul-Turkey in 1991 and worked as both Manager and Fitness Specialist in 2 of the

top ranked sports companies, Hillside Beach-City Club and Kemer Golf & Country Club Resorts.

Gerda is Founder, Owner and Program Director at PilatewithGerda.

From 2002 until present, nearly 13 years, Gerda has been running her own Pilates studios in different

locations throughout the country.

Gerda obtained her Master Degree as Certification Courses Specialist from Pilates Academy

International, located in Manhattan in 2007.

Along with her Masters certification by Pilates Academy International , she is also a Certified Stott and

Pilates Method Alliance Instructor as well.

She is trained by the second generation, master instructors Kimberly&Katherine Corp and Shari


In June 2008, she participated at FAMI, a workshop in Functional Anatomy for Movement & Injuries in

Gerda became well known for her Pilates expertise when she began teaching Pilates LIVE on TV,

encouraging people all over Turkey to practice Pilates and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Gerda is known to be very energetic, positive, and disciplined with a wealth of knowledge in Functional

Anatomy, Biomechanics and Posture.

She teaches educational Pilates courses at all levels, including Special Conditions workshops aimed at

people with significant injuries or disabilities, throughout Turkey and CA. USA.

With her goal of training her students to be the best Pilates Instructors in the field, Gerda has helped

nearly 700 international students to reach their goal of becoming Certified Pilates Instructors.

Professional Experience

-1982 National Runner in Albanian Track & Field Team (8 national records holder in 400m-400m/hurdles)

-1989 Graduated from Sports Academy, Vojo Kushi in Tirane-Albania (Art of Teaching)

-1991 Hillside City Club – Hillside Beach Club- Step & Aerobics Instructor and Fitness Manager

-2002 Kemer Country & Golf Club Wellness Manager and Pilates Instructor

-2002 Full Stott Certified Pilates Instructor in NYC.

-2002 PilateswithGerda Founder & Studio Owner.

-2004 Stott Pilates Certificate for Special Populations in NYC.

-2006 Pilates Academy International Full Certified Pilates Instructor in NYC.

-2007 Pilates Academy International Master Instructor in NYC.

-2008 FAMI Functional Anatomy Workshop, NYC.

-2008 Pilates on Fifth, ActiveCore (Redcord) Master Instructor in NYC.

-2009 Extend Bar Method Certified Instructor NYC

-2010 Balance Body University Core Align level 1 Certified Instructor, Germany

-2012 Pilates on Fifth Stretch-Eze Certified Instructor in NYC

-2012 Zumba Basic 1 Certified Instructor, Istanbul-Turkey

-2013 Program Director at PilateswithGerda Ist, Istanbul-Turkey

-2013 Balance Body University Core Align 2, 3, Istanbul-Turkey

-2014 Pilates Method Alliance Certified Instructor, Istanbul-Turkey

-2014 Shari Berkowitz & The Vertical Workshop – Functional Anatomy and Pilates Applications in NYC