Pilates Academy International Course Requirements

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The Pilates Academy International upholds course requirements commensurate with other Pilates teachers training programs around the world.  In the chart below, prospective students will find the hours required of them both in the classroom and out, as observation, personal practice and practice teaching are all necessary components of becoming a successful Pilates instructor.

Observation, Practice Teaching and Personal Study Hours

Class Hours: A PAI manual will be provided for every course. ABP requires an additional text which the student is responsible for obtaining: “Trail Guide to the Body” Fourth Edition by Andrew Biel.

Students should dress in exercise clothing and wear socks, as they will be performing the exercises as they learn them.

There will be breaks during course hours.

Observation Hours: The student watches a class, private session, or videos. Taking class is not considered observation.

Practice Teaching: The student practices teaching the exercises on another person. PAI students may practice at GerdaPilates for free for 1 month after the last day of the course, bringing in one practice body total. After 1 months, PAI students may practice for $20/hr.

***Practice hours MUST be during OFF PEAK HOURS: 

Please check FIRST with Front desk to make sure there’s availability.*** 949-675-8400

or e-mail to info@gerdapilates.com 

Personal Study Hours: The student studies the exercises on their own, studying design, breath patterns and muscles involved. Taking class can be considered as personal study hours.

These suggested hours are to be logged and completed taking the certification test. The logs are turned in on the day of the test.

Class Practice Teaching Observation Personal Study Total
ABP 15 15
APM l 35 20 10 10 75
APR l 50 25 15 15 105
APCad l 30 10 10 10 60
APCh l 15 10 10 10 45
APB l 8 4 4 4 20
APM ll 5 5 5 5 20
APR ll 18 10 10 10 48
APCad ll 12 5 5 5 27
APCh ll 12 5 5 5 27
APB ll 4 2 2 2 10
Totals 204 96 76 76 452

PAI has a crossover program available for students who have already begun their studies with another program and wish to train with Pilates Academy International.

For more information please email info@gerdapilates.com